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GDA Trainees Visit to Lady of Pillar Hospital

A visit to Lady of Pillar Hospital, Sanand , Gujarat was organised from GDA trainees on 13th January, 2020, Saturday. The visit was attended by 31 GDA Trainees of JCHE and 8 staff members of PHC. The highlights of the visit are as follows:


The group had an introductory session with Sister Lucy Joseph V, Director and Dr. Dhruvang Mehta Consultant Physician critical care specialist , where they discussed the history and philosophy of the hospital , various departments. GDA trainees visited following departments of the hospital: Outpatient department (OPD), Inpatient Service (IP), Medical Department, Nursing Department, Paramedical Department, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department, Operation Theatre (OT), Pharmacy Department, Radiology Department (X-ray), ICU and Laboratory. Trainees also understood hospital ward facilities; OPD consultation room, general ward, private ward (both AC-NonAC).

Major Learnings also included about the other healthcare home services that hospital provides like:

  • Consultation, Gastrostomy tube Change, Wound Care and others

  • Nursing care (NGT feeding/change, Catheter insertion/change, wound care etc.)

  • Private Duty Nursing

  • Physical Therapy

  • Laboratory testing at doorsteps.

Then the GDA trainees had comprehensive sessions with Laboratory in-charge where they learned about, medical/clinical laboratory test, specimen handling, sample storage, blood testing for typhoid fever . Trainees also learned about “Paramedical waste management” its importance and reasons. Followed by the same, both the groups explored the department of maternity, pharmacy, finance and governance, store keeping.


Almost all the members of Hospital department, participated and interacted with trainees during the visit. Students learnt everything about the management, functioning, operations, agendas and policies of the hospital in general. The major focus of introductory session revolved around understanding basics of Hospital as a space operated for and by community. Students got a chance to witness OPD patient diagnosis and understood importance of psychological interactions.

Key Takeaways for Students

The structure and functioning of hospital and all departments. The functioning of hospitals during emergencies, pandemic and normal time. The importance and role of Hospital and healthcare in promoting and preserving well-being and healthy ecosystem.

Janvikas Centre for Health Education (JCHE) is an initiative of Janvikas to improve the Indian healthcare space with skilled health professionals, cutting edge research, and improved technological intervention.

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