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Interventions in the 2nd wave of

Early testing and prevention kits distribution:

1) Distributed 1100 Early Detection and Prevention Kits to 1100 villages in Gujarat.

The early detection and prevention kits were distributed in rural areas to train and equip our community leaders to measure and interpret body temperature, oxygen saturation level, and heart rate using a temperature gun and a pulse oximeter to observe and identify early symptoms of COVID-19 in the rural population.

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2) Partnering with “Help India Breathe” - UK Fundraiser as their India Support Team:

Help India Breathe on Go Fund led by Chakshu Saharan and Rajeev Nandan has donated lifesaving medical equipment like 95 oxygen concentrators which have been allocated according to the needs of COVID positive patients through Village CCC, Swasthyalay, and our other partners across the country.


3) Train and equip 500 unemployed young adults from marginalized communities as frontline health workers for COVID Care:

Upscaling our general duty assistant health workers training which started 6 months back with Dr. Saha of IIT Kharagpur through his company JSV innovation. This had already rolled out 60 trained youth (30 men and 30 girls) through a residential format. We are upscaling it to 500 young people to be trained in the next 6 to 9 months as critical human resources to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of skilled frontline healthcare workers.

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Reports on Combating

Covid-19 1st wave

Covid-19 2nd wave

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