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Who We Are


  • Human dignity, equality and non-discrimination

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Participation and democracy


“To contribute to building and strengthening a just, democratic and secular society and to bring about concrete and sustainable changes in the lives of poor, marginalized and disadvantaged communities (SC, ST, OBC, minorities, women, urban poor), so that they lead a life with dignity and social justice.”

"To empower and capacitate change agents who are empowered to serve their communities, leaders in these communities, Community Based Organisations (CBOs) besides NGOs that work with these communities along with their network organisations."

Our Approach 


Janvikas practices empowerment approach for all its interventions and ensures  community leaders, community based organizations and civil society organisations at large are able to empower their communities so that they are able to access to quality services, entitlements and participate meaningfully in democratic processes. For every  intervention, Janvikas asks the following questions and the intervention should be able to respond to at least one of the questions.

1. Has it intervened in the political economy of the area?

2. Has it increased people's access to social security and other entitlements?

3. Has it strengthened democracy at various levels? And also contributed to more just, democratic and secular society?

Janvikas strives to attain its goal and mission through:

  • Support to leadership of CSOs, community based/people’s organizations at the grass root level.

  • Setup and spin off issue-based institutions.

  • Enhance capacities of different levels of personnel in social development organizations and strengthen the social development organizations.

  • Motivate and develop leadership of young people for their own issues as well as facilitate their participation on democratic governance on issues of society at large.

  • Facilitating integration of perspective of equality, secularism and democracy in ground level interventions.

  • Human and Institutional Development (HID) support to grass-root organizations (CBOs & POs), individuals and issue based networks.

  • Initiating and strengthening grass-root interventions in response to the emerging reality.


Janvikas in its journey of quest for human development has been supported by many institutional and individual donors. During year 2020-21, these institutional donors have partnered with Janvikas on various programmes. Among them, Misereor has been supporting Janvikas since inception in 1987 and has contributed significantly in institutional development of Janvikas as well as for strengthening civil society in India. Other donors have been partnering with Janvikas on specific programmes / projects. 

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