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Vision & History.

Youth as a social category has an amorphous identity and has no clear socio-political standing in Gujarat society, indeed in India as a whole. Despitebeing full of energy and ideas, they lack avenues to channelize their energies and ideas into constructive activities.This ‘closing of minds’ has been harnessed by politico-religious groups with distorted agendas; Role of youth in the age group of 20 to 30 during 2002 mass violence in Gujarat is an exemplary testimony of that.


Direct Engagement with youth to strengthen there social prospective competencies harnessing value based leadership and facilitating them to take citizenship actions as well as develop and run secular youth spaces.


  • 9000 youths engaged to take citizenship actions through self development activities

  • 400 young citizen leaders emerged to facilitate empowerment and development of their communities that offers constructive spaces


Youth Development Centres


Young Citizen Leades


People Benefited Through YDCs 


Strategic Interventions

  • Perspective & competency development camps: 3 -4 perspective development camps to be organised annually that focuses on value orientation, knowledge enhancement, competency development to help them nurture and practice value based leadership.

  • Creative youth actions by young citizen leaders:Facilitation to design and implement their individual and group level citizenship actions that contributes in securing socio-economic rights of their communities or contribute in facilitating conflict transformation and peace promotion.

  • Setting up and running secular youth spaces:Facilitate to run youth spaces at block level collectively to engage with youth from diverse background to come together to coordinate youth action.

  • Hand holding support to young citizen leaders:Facilitate monthly hand holding meetings to help review, plan and seek each others’ support in executing their planned-actions, events as well to provide inputs to strengthen their leadership competencies.

  • Creative youth events, campaigns & protests:Facilitate to collectively plan and organize block and district level youth events around issues of concern by their area, community or on emerging realities.

  • Support to other social movements, campaigns:Facilitate to join hands with existing movement in the state for the rights and justice for the marginalized communities.

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