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Janvikas & its strategic partners / collaborators

Our strategic parterns / collaborators are; Dalit Shakti Kendra, Dalit Foundation, RRAN, WASSAN,JTMF, YUVA, SAATH, Uthaan, AATAPI, Nirantar, Akshara, South Asia women's  fund, MWF etc.


CSJ was established with the aim to intervene and ensure vulnerable communities get access to justice. These groups include women, Dalits, minority communities, tribals, and other marginalised groups.


Institute for studies and transformation (IST) was formed in 1986; since then it has been actively working on various issues of concern for the poor and marginalized communities / groups primarily in Gujarat state. 


Since the last 25 years, Sahjeevan has been inspiring and supporting marginalised communities to revive their traditional ecological knowledge systems, engage with relevant technologies and scientific methods to conserve their ecological resources, and strengthen their livelihoods.


Paryavaran Mitra

Paryavaran Mitra is a Gujarat-based non-profit organization with Regd No: E/20934/Ahmedabad working on socio-environmental issues. It was initiated in 1997 as an enviro-legal cell of Center for Social Justice within JANVIKAS to advocate for human rights in the face of growing environmental degradation and pollution. 


Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan

The overarching mission of KMVS is the total empowerment – economic, political and social – of rural women through their awareness-raising, organization and mobilization into local collectives capable of independently addressing gender inequities and engendering a sustainable, socio-economic transformation in the region.


ECONET extends support in the field of Human and Institutional Development while working with the communities, by building their capacities, institutions, developing leadership among them and sharpening their interventions through legal training. 


The concept of developing a resource for actors in the development sector, to avail support in strengthening specific areas for efficient and effective functioning, emerged among a group of professional associates in the late 90s.


Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan, better known as Abhiyan, is a collective of Kachchh based development organizations with a strong local presence. The objective of the network is to synergize human knowledge, physical & financial resources to collaborate towards a Kachchh which is governed by community initiatives.


DRISHTI is a non-profit, which uses arts and communication tools to cultivate awareness of human rights and grassroots development in India. Our programs are all approached through the prism of human rights and equality and with a commitment to community participation and outreach.

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