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An act promoting human development required a holistic approach towards the respective phenomenon. With over 3 decades of existence, Janvikas envisages and implements various projects that involves various aspects of human development envisioning a holsitic development model for a better society.


Human and Institutional Development Resource Centre (HIDRC) is strategic unit of Janvikas and its role is to provide HID support to civil society organisations, community based organisations, nurture leadership of young professionals and community leaders. HIDRC also initiates programmes in response to emerging reality.


The education intervention known as Udaan started after Gujarat riots as children where the worst affected. Due to fear and alienation children stopped going main stream schools. Janvikas initiated various interventions such as starting of learning centers and schools in / and near some of the conflict affected areas.


U-Live focuses on developing vocational skills among young men and women from marginalised communities to enhance their employability. U-Live runs two main programs – developing skills for employment in service sector and Non traditional livelihood - DriverBen

Youth Engagement

Despite being full of energy and ideas, the youth lack avenues to channelize their energies and ideas into constructive activities.This ‘closing of minds’ has been harnessed by politico-religious groups with distorted agendas; Role of youth in the age group of 20 to 30 during 2002 mass violence in Gujarat is an exemplary testimony of that.

Urban Initiative

One step forward for the development is one step backward for the urban poor and marginalized communities in the city. The infrastructure development in urban ignores the concerns of marginalized population in terms of housing; water, electricity, roads, health and education services and public transport facilities.



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